Canadian career growth of immigrants

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  • the list below are just a few examples
  • Professionals capable of getting licenses may also start their challenging careers after college or license exams.
First Level jobs
 assembly line labour 180Warehouse works  call centre 180Call Centre / Customer care Grocery clerk 180Grocery shops , Restaurants,Shopping Malls
After Short tem study / Licenses

Truck 1 180

Truck Driver

massage-therapyMassage theraby baby 180Babysitter
 security11 180

Security Guards/ Officers


 forklift 180Forklift Driving  Personal support worker 180Personal Support Worker
After Professional Licences
 accountant 180Accountant  Nurse 180Nurse  pharmacy 10 180Pharmacist
 Skilled Trades
 auto-repair- 180Auto Mechanic  millwrights 180Millwright, Maintenance, Electrician  carpenter 3 180Carpenter
 welder 22 180Welder  Plumbing 180Plumber  cement finisher 2 180Concrete Finisher
 millwright 22 180Maintenance Engineer  computer-programmerSoftware Engineer
Flying across canada  High paid Western Canada jobs
 travel8  Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, saskatchewan provinces…………………………

Edmonton, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Mining works, Camp jobs, Construction and Oil gas  careers.

 accountant 182  Pharmacists 180  fast food manager 180
 website-programmer  electrical 2 180  crane operator 2
 Sheet-Metal-Workers 180  millwrights 180  Nurse 180